Blood Pressure Record Cards 3 x 4 Standard English (50/pk)


Item Number:

  • BPRCS-20


  • Comes packaged in 50s


  • 3″ x 4″

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The CARE Collaborative Blood Pressure Record Cards are used during every educational encounter and are available to all trained Coaches and Coordinators at no cost.

The Standard CARE Collaborative Blood Pressure Record Card is based on JNC 7 guidelines. The card is a 3” x 4” tri-fold that can easily be kept in a purse or wallet. The card is used as a tool to facilitate the educational encounter between the CARE Collaborative Coach and the participant. Updated in 2019, the card has sections for entering personal medical history information as well as important signs and symptoms of a stroke and heart attack. Inside the card you’ll find general color coded teaching points as well as A1C information. The main section of the card is the blood pressure log with green, yellow and red color zones as well as a place to record the reading date. High blood pressure is a key risk factor for stroke and heart attack. Help your participants learn that they can take positive steps to control their blood pressure by learning what color zone their blood pressure falls in with this concise, reader-friendly tool!

May 14, 2024 @ 8:42 am