Kentucky Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention (KHDSP) Task Force



Dedicated to improving the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health for all Kentuckians.

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The Kentucky Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force currently meets twice each year. A spring meeting is typically late April or early May in Lexington, KY. A fall meeting is typically early October in Louisville, KY. Meetings are full day events with lunch usually provided for all attendees that pre-register. Registration normally opens at 9:00 am with the meeting kicking off at 10:00. Meetings adjourn at 4:00 pm. All meetings are proceeded with a short 30-minute “New Member Orientation” for first time attendees.

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The Kentucky Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force is a voluntary organization that is comprised of individuals in many fields working across all parts of Kentucky. The Department for Public Health’s Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program (KHDSP) provide much of the administrative support for the task force and serve as the main contact point for all inquiries.

April 5, 2024 @ 12:52 pm