Stroke Systems of Care

The Kentucky Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Task Force publishes a heart disease and stroke prevention strategic map and plan every 3-5 years.  The strategic map and plan are utilized as a directive for SEQIP subcommittees.  SEQIP initiatives are directed by the SEQIP chair, steering committee, and subcommittee chairs made up of AHA/ASA staff, stroke center nursing leadership throughout the state, and the KHDSP staff.  The following subcommittees currently address CQI: EMS outreach and education; Disease-specific care certification; Data analysis and performance improvement; Navigating the stroke continuum of care; community and public health education and outreach; Door in Door out (DiDo); Door to Device; Inpatient code stroke; and Stroke Coordinator Education Council.

Meet Our Subcommittees

Steering Committee

Kari Moore Headshot

Committee Chair

Kari Moore


Kari completed her bachelor’s degree in nursing at Western Kentucky University in 1997 and her MSN in 2015. Since 2000 she has worked with the University of Louisville Department of Neurology assisting in the development, growth, and ongoing certification of the Comprehensive Stroke Program. Kari serves on the Department for Public Health Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Steering Committee and chairs the Kentucky Stroke Quality Improvement Project focused on statewide quality improvement for
stroke systems of care. She participates in nationally recognized stroke clinical trials and independent investigator initiated projects with her work presented at the International Stroke Conference and the American Academy of Neurology. Her clinical duties include serving as an acute stroke telemedicine provider, outpatient stroke and cerebrovascular disease clinics, and partnering with Family Health Centers Louisville to operate a Multidisciplinary Cardiovascular Risk clinic focused on Blood Pressure Self-Management and lifestyle modification.

Listed Alphabetically 

  • Chair: Kari Moore (U of L Healthcare)
  • Abby Loechler (AHA)
  • Bill Singletary (The Medical Center Bowling Green)
  • Lisa Bellamy (UK Norton Stroke Care Network)
  • Lonna Boisseau (Kentucky Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program)
  • Lynn Hundley (Norton, Inc)
  • Polly Hunt (King’s Daughters Medical Center)
  • Rachel Jenkins (ARH)
  • Tabitha Drane (Owensboro Health Regional Hospital)

EMS Outreach and Education Committee

“The goal of the EMS Education Subcommittee is to centralize the education needs of our EMS partners across Kentucky. It is our mission to broaden the stroke system of care while better educating our EMS partners in the current best practices of stroke care. Through our work we hope to better open the lines of communication between EMS and hospital partners which will lead to better outcomes for stroke patients in Kentucky. “

Listed Alphabetically 

  • Chair: Lacy Shumway (Coverdell)
  • Amy Porter (Baptist Louisville)
  • Ava Hurst (Baptist Lexington)
  • Betty McGee (St. Elizabeth)
  • Brandi Baugh (Lake Cumberland)
  • Brandon Heming (University of Louisville Hospital)
  • Bridget Swatzell (Baptist Paducah)
  • Deidra Gottbrath (U of L Healthcare)
  • Sandra Prater (Baptist Health Lexington)

Disease Specific Certification (DSC) Committee

“The SEQIP Disease Specific Care (DSC) subcommittee’s mission is to establish a statewide multi-system collaborative with a focus on providing tools and resources, and sharing best practice examples with hospitals in their journey to become a certified stroke center.”


Acute Stroke Ready Hospital


Comprehensive Stroke Certification


Primary Stroke Center Certification



Thrombectomy Capable Stroke Certification (TSC)


Data Analysis and Performance Improvement

Listed Alphabetically 

  • Chair: Abby Loechler (AHA) 
  • Danielle Topliffe (U of L Healthcare)
  • Mary Powell (U of L Healthcare) 
  • Megan Naville (Norton Healthcare) 
  • Lacy Shumway (Norton Healthcare) 
  • Lisa Smith (U of L Healthcare)
  • Robin Baldridge (Highlands ARH)
  • Samantha Albuquerque (Kentucky Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program)
  • Shelly Zielke (Stroke Care Network)
  • Tina Walsh (U of L Healthcare) 
  • Troy Bradley (Baptist Paducah)
  • Vanita Edmonds (Baptist Paducah)

Navigating the Stroke Continuum of Care

“Our mission is to provide stroke guideline based resources and education to others throughout the community in an effort to help hospitals, agencies, stroke survivors and caregivers better navigate through the continuum of care. “

Listed Alphabetically 

  • Chair: Carrie Crockett (University of Louisville Hospital)
  • Bill Singletary (The Medical Center)
  • Breanna Walker (Kentucky Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program) 
  • Danielle Topliffe (UofL Healthcare)
  • Dolores Luke (Morgan County ARH)
  • Margie Campbell (UK Healthcare)
  • Tabitha Drane (Owensboro)

Inpatient Stroke

Listed Alphabetically 

  • Chair: Danielle Topliffe
  • Abby Loechler (AHA)
  • Amy Porter
  • Brandy Jeffries
  • Brooke Weinel
  • Crystal Spears
  • Deidra Gottbrath
  • Jessica Summer
  • Lee Anne Edwards
  • Lisa Taylor
  • Mary Powell
  • Rachel Jenkins
  • Rosa Vittitoe (Baptist Health Hardin)
  • Tabitha Drane
  •  Tina Walsh

Community and Public Health Education and Outreach

“To standardize health messaging to make it accessible and useful.”

Listed Alphabetically 

  • Chair: Natalie Littlefield (Kentucky Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program)
  • Anne Ricketts (Norton Healthcare)  
  • Bridget Swatzell (Baptist Paducah)
  • Cara Steitz (HDSP Task Force Member)
  • Kari Moore (U of L Healthcare)
  • Tracy Monks (AHA) 

Door In Door Out (DiDo)

“TIME=BRAIN. The mission of the SEQIP DiDo Committee is to collaborate, share experiences and identify best practices that can be modified and hardwired into each facility’s stroke systems & processes in order to improve the efficiency of Interfacility hospital acute stroke transfers. “

Listed Alphabetically 

  • Chair: Bill Singletary (The Medical Center)
  • Amy Porter (Baptist Louisville)
  • Betty Jackson (St. Elizabeth)
  • Betty McGee (St. Elizabeth) 
  • Jason Stiles (U of L Healthcare) 
  • Kathy Carr (Owensboro Health)
  • Lynn Hundley (Norton Healthcare)  
  • Margie Campbell (University of Kentucky) 
  • Pam Stewart (Norton Healthcare) 
  • Polly Hunt (King’s Daughter’s Hospital)
  • Sandra Prater (Baptist Health Lexington)
  • Scott Helle (Kentucky Office of Rural Health) 
  • Shelby Robinson (Baptist Paducah) 

Stroke Coordinator Education Council

Listed Alphabetically 

  • Casey Okongo
  • Harold Brown
  • Kari Moore